Oyoyo broilers!!! You dey look them, them dey go!!!

Barrister, thank you for your patronage.

If money making is not fun to you, then it is a burden, and just a little below slavery.

I have always loved business from childhood. I hawked akamu (corn pap) and firewood at Warri. I hawked akpu from Aleluya Church, Afiesere Road, Ughelli, to Main Garage, Ughelli.

I used my school fees to buy Uvieghara fish when I was at Government College Ughelli, and smoked them for sale during the holidays. I roasted cow skin and cow head during the civil war.

I opened my first hospital at 29 years at Aba, Abia State. I sold second-hand clothes at one time, even as the medical director of a 40-bed hospital.

I imported fishmeal at one time from Pakistan. I used to import cars from Europe and drive throughout the night from Lagos, and still go to work and do several surgeries.

I sell broilers and I am very happy.

I nor be Dangote or Adeleke, but I dey okay.

Poverty is a great and wicked wrestler. Kill it in your lifetime so that your children and your grandchildren will not start praying about ancestral curses when you are dead.

I want to leave ancestral blessings behind.

Imagine your children fasting and praying because of you as an ancestor, who they believe was cursed and is the cause of their poverty.

A righteous man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children.

God bless you.


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